Update (Plastic pollution)

Speaking of to do this and that? Well, something’s are better done than said, right?

So! From last few days, we in here, have been working in our college to make reuse of some of the plastic products like poly bags, plastic food containers till now, and are trying to further connect with new ideas as a lot of people disposed to this. Decisively thinking, it was just an initiative not knowing that would anyone contribute to give even a minor attention to involve in this out of the blue noonegiveadamn project?! But I’m glad to share that people are still actively engaging in this and I feel so much thankful to them.

In our college a larger amount of plastic based supply is of poly bags, plastic food containers, plastic cups and straws (for sure, *Rolling my eyes off*). As we tried talking to the suppliers in here and most of them refused to use alternatives as we suggested them to use alternatives in place of plastic as, paper cups and some other bags, though these too are equally cheap and portable. Reason being the habit to drift off ignorantly as per every supplier needs, and replacement with anything unusual (as I tried to refused to use plastic bag and had my own bag while having groceries,) makes them feel alien to this plastic-poly-planet.

So in baby steps to start with at least something, a plan was layed and we started with these;

We got these cartons and initiated to collect some plastic products by keeping these in the reach for students, which could further be reused. Starting with one group of people at a time, we asked them to dispose off the clean plastic products in these cartons which they think might help, certainly, people did understand this very wisely and contributed with full allegiance and I hope they further do too.

Day 1: results

And more is going on.

You too can share your thoughts over it to share it with us and other people!

I’ll append a document below, you can help and fill it to get us know for further endeavours.

 General servay: Fill the form


Please do fill it, it will definitely help.


-happiness and hope

Manisha Yadav


P. S. You can share your ideas either in the comments or on Instagram.

Manisha yadav

( and thank you Sneh, for making me introduce to this.)


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